Cristina Vergés

Cristina Vergés: Spanish Wedding Planner, Yes I Do Events CEO. Bachelor in Tourism with more than 6 years of experience in weddings destiny and Executive Member of the Executive Committee of Weddings Independent Coordinators Association  and Professional Events as Public Relations.

Passionate of weddings and events, demanding regarding details.  For me each couple is a project, each wedding is different and an opportunity to do something special just for them and that could only work for them. That is the reason why I love to get to know them very well, in order to guide and help them along the process.  Also because I think that choosing the right wedding planner is vital, there hast to be “click” on both parts, trust and to feel understood so everything flows and feel comfortable leaving the process in the planner´s hands and feel 100% free of stress.  That is why we are here for.

Daymar Borreguero

Spanish Wedding Planner, with more than 15 years of experience in destiny weddings and events, Bachelor in Arts and Journalism.

Expert in logistic and operations of events, key element of coordination to obtain the best results with unexpected events.

Experience is my key and secret to solve any contingency at any time; very professional but with human qualities, I like to establish a special feeling of trust, I like to know how the couple feels, what would they really like, what things are they passionate about, to have their total confidence to tell what their needs, concerns, and doubts are.  In contrast with other jobs where contact with client is merely professional, in this job it is necessary to get feelings involved.  To work with destiny weddings implies to be “eyes and voice” of our couples and to have a perfect connection is the key element to achieve the wedding of the couple´s dreams.

In Yes I Do we keep updated with courses and certifications which help us to stay up to date with tendencies and novelties in order to offer the best counselling to our clients.

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